LCPC Parent Education Celebrates 40 Years - Outlook Newspapers
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Katie Enney (front row, from left), Vicki Rekedal, Paige Thatcher, Sloan Walsh, Barbara Stratte, Amanda Baughman, Maggie Mason, Paige Dunbar, Annie Latta Krach, Jan Roberts, Barb Barber, Pastor Chuck Osburn, Anne Bierling, Nanette Brown and Heather Henry. Middle row: Pastor Cindy Frost, Dorothy Chen, Melanie Frey, Lynne Graves, Joanna Hurst, Heather Ehrhart, Darby Pearson and Tracy Tobias. Back: Pastor Jeff Hoffmeyer, Debbie Barsom, Katrina Harbers, Claudia Zentmyer, Nancy Washburn, Sandy Ravana, Monica Skeehan, Kristin Leucht and Jana Van Dyck.